AND YOU, WHAT DO YOU ASK IT FOR? a new level of cooking experience

Need a hand in the kitchen?
Kdesign takes care of it.

Kdesign looks to the future. Thanks to our hoods with voice command you can make daily actions easier and smarter. Wherever you are, you can decide what your hood will do: turning on or off, increasing the extraction rate, turning the light on or off.

Light turning on

Extraction rate

Timer duration

Kdesign because …

Not only style, but also performance. By installing designer cooker hoods you can add a splash of style to your kitchen without sacrificing efficiency, including the possibility of using a voice assistant: Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can choose the device you prefer to communicate with your hood.

Always connected

A Wi-Fi connection, a smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home: you don’t need anything else to interact with your hood. Easy to set up and install, always available at home or by phone. It provides you help and support in a practical way.

Kdesign, live smart

Find out how to make your days easier and smarter via our hoods with voice control.

Your favourite
voice assistant

Wherever you are and in a few moments: you can remotely turn on or off you hood, remotely control the extraction rate and the lighting. Everything is easier thanks to the voice assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

your time

How much time do you spend in the kitchen even without realizing it? Now just use the voice control to make the many daily activities easier to manage. The hood with voice control will be your ally in the most hectic days, allowing you to optimise your time.

and inclusion

We have thought about people who find it difficult to cope on their own with some day-to-day tasks. Thanks to voice control, Kdesign has made its hoods within everyone’s reach.

And you, what do you ask for?

Kdesign hood is always at your disposal,
and who knows what else it can do…